Streamlining Frontend Development with Temporary Image Storage in Figma


I've noticed that some images in Figma expose their image URLs, while others do not. Surprisingly, having access to the URL can be immensely helpful for quick development. When initiating a development project that requires image data, obtaining images used in Figma is essential. Typically, developers follow a sequence of steps: go to Figma, export the necessary images, organize them either locally or remotely, and finally integrate them into the code.

Usual Flow:

  1. Go to Figma.
  2. Export required images.
  3. Organize images locally or remotely.
  4. Integrate images into the code.

Better Flow:

  1. Follow the usual steps.
  2. Skip the "organize remotely/locally" step.

Organizing temporary images can consume a significant amount of time. By eliminating the need to organize them locally or remotely, the development process can be expedited significantly.


  1. Identify the image in Figma.
  2. Visit Figma's developer API to obtain the image URL available in Figma.
  3. Use the URL directly in your development workflow.

This streamlined approach allows developers to skip the time-consuming step of organizing temporary images, resulting in a substantial improvement in development speed.


Bonus Script:


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