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Wordpress Stuff #1

Writr Themes 
this theme highly recomanded for all programmer from newbie to pro level

with this theme i want to move my blogger to self-hosted Wordpress.

Markdown Editor in Wordpress

Wordpress Visual editor very bad for me. This is because they strip off some HTML element. Sometime, users with no programming skill hard to write article in the editor.
So, markdown looks better, simple and very straight forward.



Splitdown- A Ghost like Editor for WordPress

Different between Paypal Javascript API and Classic API

Last time i did a mistake in my project.
I used PaypalJavascriptButton from github.

#IPN --Javascript Version

I thought 'data-callback' used to make auto return but it is not. That parameter used to trigger IPN. Auto return actually triggered by 'data-return' and cancel payment triggered by 'data-cancel_return'.
You will be warned by Paypal via email if you not actually use the IPN and they will block your IPN if no futher action taken.
--Classic version

Note: If you need Paypal Data Transaction (PDT) you must read 'How to setup IPN listener' in production mode / sandbox mode. This is because PDT require 'IPN'. 

2D Game Engine

Giderious Studio - (language: Lua)
Android In-App BillingiOS In-App PurchaseiAd - Monetize Module for iOSFlurry - Monetize Module crossplatform Unity2D - (language: Js, C#, Boo) Android In-App Billing : youtubeiOS In-App Purchase: youtubeMonetize
Adobe Game SDK - (language: ActionScript)
Android In-App BillingiOS In-App PurchaseAdmobDevelopement In Action Loom SDK Android In-App Billing & iOS In-App PurchaseAdmobYoutube channel
Corona SDK - (language: Lua) Android In-App Billing & iOS In-App PurchaseAdmob : sample SaladGame - (no programming skill required)

iOS In-App PurchaseIn-App Billing (not available)Mobclix - monetize module

COLT JS - (language: Js) Developement In Action Extra: Soomla - provide solution for develope to work with virtual goods on the most great 2D game engine like Unity and Cocos2Dx.42 way to monetize your app10 unity monetize plugin
*Please let me know your suggestion. Thanks.

Disable OSX Server on Mac

Just imagine.
You are the one who very love Mac because you can setup your apache web server just some settings.

Suddenly you have installed OSX Server.

Now you see,

all your virtual host not don't know how to point the OSX Server to match your apache settingsetc Oh no! I need to; remove OSX Serveruninstall OSX Serverdisable OSX Serverkill OSX Server You feel like crazy to do clean install your OSX back.

Wait wait wait....

You just need to bring back your 'org.apache.httpd.plist'. Lets see what OSX Server done on your apache...
Before OSX Server install:
After OSX Server install:
Original apache plist file -
OSX Server apache plist file -
Don't forget to restart apache

#terminal sudo apachectl restart

Have fun!


Off Autoplay HTC Sync Manager

HTC Sync Manager always appear if my phone connected to my computer.
It is harassing me!

Don't worry. Here i explain a bit about HTC Sync Manager.

I know you hate it but you need to know that Samsung can't do what HTC does.

Topic: HTC device provide 'Internet pass-throught'.

Mostly, HTC device provide 'Internet pass-throught'.

HTC 'Internet pass-throught' is sharing the device internet to your computer via USB connection.
Then, you can shot a Wifi hotspot.

So, everyone love you because you can share your internet connection.

This is the most important thing you should know why we need HTC Sync Manager.

Topic: How to avoid HTC Sync Manager software keep autoplay?

 set the circle tick uncheck. Thats All.

Topic: How to avoid HTC Sync Manager volume auto-mounting on OSX Mac?
get your the volume UDIDput in '/etc/fstab/' as shown below

refer this article

My HTC One with KitKat installed!

I only want to share how i did. I'm using 'Android Revolution HD 40.3'.

1# Download TWRP the rom from 'Android Revolution HD'
rom - - put rom file in the phone 3# Flash recovery TWRP
put the .img file in your 'android-sdk/platform-tools/'

type in terminal:

./fastboot flash recovery <recovery_file_name.img>./fastboot erase cache
./fastboot reboot-bootloader
4# install the rom from the recovery

thats all. 

Grunt on OSX Maverick

I face very fun problem to start using Grunt. I already follow many guides and tutorials about the Grunt installation on Mac but i still cannot execute 'grunt' command in the terminal.

Lastly, i saw someone type in the terminal:

npm grunt
in this video.

So, my idea is. Add an alias in your .bash_profile like this:

alias grunt="npm grunt"
thats all.


DemoInstallation guide