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Disable OSX Server on Mac

Just imagine.
You are the one who very love Mac because you can setup your apache web server just some settings.

Suddenly you have installed OSX Server.

Now you see,

  • all your virtual host not work.
  • you don't know how to point the OSX Server to match your apache settings
  • etc
Oh no! I need to;
  • remove OSX Server
  • uninstall OSX Server
  • disable OSX Server
  • kill OSX Server
You feel like crazy to do clean install your OSX back.

Wait wait wait....

You just need to bring back your 'org.apache.httpd.plist'.
Lets see what OSX Server done on your apache...

Before OSX Server install:

After OSX Server install:

Original apache plist file -
OSX Server apache plist file -

Don't forget to restart apache

sudo apachectl restart

Have fun!


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