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Automatic Make Public on Google Cloud Storage Object

I am a php developer who mainly using Laravel to develop backend. During configure TinyMCE on a CRUD, i found that the elfinder package not work nicely with Google Cloud Storage (GCS). Those issues are related to the GCS object visibility.

At first, elfinder not able to load GCS type disk. Even though, GCS disk defined in the Laravel filesystem. It still not that easy to link into elfinder. Luckily, Laravel Elfinder driver come on the right time on the right place. Now, the backend able to connect to GCS from the File Manager and TinyMCE as expected.

Next, after while. I found another issue where the image URL returned and inserted from the Elfinder into the TinyMCE editor is not accessible. Meaning that, the file that uploaded privately. So, i found 2 way to handle this issue.

Modify Method Named "url" Refer here for more detail
Automatic Make Public on Google Cloud Storage Object

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