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Drupal - Move from live to local environment

Today i experienced in moving drupal from live to local environment.


Site redirected to live site when i open 'user/login'#Issue Problem may come from the site SSL setting, default Drupal settings, or the HTACCESS configuration.

1. copy whole site folder to local server. (example: /public_html)
2. copy the database to local server.

3. investigate & update the database

turn off ssl - refer here 4. update setting files  update settings.php - refer here 5. update .htaccess
thats all.

Installation phalconphp in AWS completed

I just install phalconphp in AWS Freetier instance.
I faced 2 problems only prior installation;

E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?make: command not found
sudo apt-get remove make sudo apt-get install make
AWS still charge you even your take the freetier one but its not to much.
People always want to point the server ip to his or her domain.
So you need to know how to configure CNAME or you can use AWS Route53 paid service.
Thats all.


Android debugging over wifi

1. We need to start over all USB debugging from terminal

#to kill all previous connection adb kill-server

2. Revoke USB debugging authorization Android > Settings > Developer > Revoke USB....

3. Replug your phone to computer
4. Set adb tcpip port from terminal
#to set adb tcpip port adb tcpip 5555

5. Make sure your phone set tcpip port 5555

#to connect your phone as super user from your computer adb shell

#to set the port setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555 #exit from the android shell exit

6. connect to phone
#to set the port adb connect [your-phone-ip]


Susah tak HTML5?

Apabila ada seseorang ditanya tentang HTML5 depan aku, aku akan diam kan diri dengar apa yang orang itu jawab.

Biasanya mereka akan pandang atas. Memikirkan jawapan untuk soalan itu. Kemudian dijawabnya panjang lebar.


2 perkara asas yang kita perlu tahu dan mungkin yang hanya perlu diambil berat;

HTML5 adalah HTML yang diintegrasikan elemen-elemennya dengan fungsi yang ada pada sesuai peranti itu.HTML5 datang untuk meringkaskan HTML terdahulu. picture from Complete Web 2.0
Itu sahaja. Sesuatu yang kita tahu kita akan bimbang untuk menggunakannya. Selain itu, kita hilang arah bagaimana untuk menguasainya sekiranya kita fahaminya dengan keadaan kompleks.

Ringkaskan HTML5?
Selamat mencuba!

Android foreground &background event firing

Hey guys, here i wanna share the way to implement foreground and background event firing.

In appcelerator titanium, we need to wait the first window opened before we register the events. Thats all.


if you want to implement background service trigger after application minimized as happen in iOS, you should use 'stop' event. This is because 'pause' event also fired when ever your window blured.

In android, window blur event triggered when ever a dialog opened or a modal window opened.

So, simple to say here is android puase event equal to window blur event.

Check out the code in my personal repo here.