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The Roadmap To Build A Great Ecommerce Website

Confident without Evidents is OVER CONFIDENT

I'm developing a solution to use Laravel as Frontend, Lumen as API and Magento as Backend.

Why Laravel as Frontend? Last time i build an ecommerce using SPA. SPA breaks the SEO. I need to use page cacher to solve it. So, i want to implement the idea i found from Redmart. Now even better, Laravel Echo can be used to add chatting feature!

Why Magento? Because i not yet trust Woocommerce. Magento product/promotion/newsletter/inventory/checkout/cart/customer/invoice... and lot more they already cover on the plate.

This idea is proven since i done develop an ecommerce using SlimFramework as API, Angular/Twig as Frontend.

Why Re-invent?:
1) Cartalyst offer good ecommerce solution but the payment is subscription basis. RM to Dollar so sad for Malaysian.
2) Atleast, magento extensions like 'advanced catalog/cart price rule' and 'credit reward points' only one-time purchase even per project :P

What do you thi…

Add Filter User By Roles or Permissions (Backpackoflaravel)

Laravel Voyager Nested Resources

Voyager is the Laravel missing admin panel. Voyager version 0.10.13 by default not provide nested resources. So these what i found to achieve that.
Issue 1 - Routing & ViewI want to create a bread for the books and the pages.

/admin/books - works by default
/admin/book-pages - works by default
/admin/books/{book_id}/book-pages/create - how?
/admin/books/{book_id}/book-pages/{book_page_id}/edit - how? here the guide:
Issue 2 - Controller Level dataTypeContent Filter$dataTypeContent in views/vendor/voyager/{slug}/browse.blade.php my book-pages resource under books resources. books/{book}/book-pages I have no idea how to filter the dataTypeContent by the book.
here the guide:

Google Docs as the online documentation generator

Set section title as header

Show the document outline.

Yeah that's all.

Sticky Session for AdonisJs and Laravel

I thinking about the future of both frameworks. Why i need to think about it? Yeah, for sure i always want to use a long term solutions. So, my products can go far. Even i decided to use CMS also. I still need to know that the CMS should be able to be stateless at any time we need.
Sticky Session for Laravel in AWS = DynamoDB Session Driver
Sticky Session for AdonisJs in AWS = Redis Session Driver
Sticky Session for AdonisJs in AWS = DynamoDB Session Driver (not yet found any article related to this)

Wordpress as your online publishing tool

(picture by FlipHTML5)
I experienced in develop a portal for an author write books in digital format. The portal just a focus on the workflow.

1) Create the book page
2) set the page book
3) publish

That's all.

Traditional wordpress only have posts and category. All the posts will be listed in the main blog or archive page.

So, this idea will make between the traditional posts and the book pages separated even it actually the same thing.

Follow these something step:

1) Install 'WCK Custom Fields and Custom Post Type Creator' plugin
2) Create a custom post type and name it as 'Book Page'
3) Create a taxonomy and name it as 'Book'

*Extra notes:
Use this to create the 'BookPage' custom post type and the 'Book' taxonomy. 

 Here is how to structure the url 

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