Wordpress as your online publishing tool

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I experienced in develop a portal for an author write books in digital format. The portal just a focus on the workflow.

1) Create the book page
2) set the page book
3) publish

That's all.

Traditional wordpress only have posts and category. All the posts will be listed in the main blog or archive page.

So, this idea will make between the traditional posts and the book pages separated even it actually the same thing.

Follow these something step:

1) Install 'WCK Custom Fields and Custom Post Type Creator' plugin
2) Create a custom post type and name it as 'Book Page'
3) Create a taxonomy and name it as 'Book'

*Extra notes:
Use this to create the 'BookPage' custom post type and the 'Book' taxonomy. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wck-custom-fields-and-custom-post-types-creator/ 

 Here is how to structure the url

Contact me if you need help.
Thank you.


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