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The Roadmap To Build A Great Ecommerce Website

Confident without Evidents is OVER CONFIDENT

I'm developing a solution to use Laravel as Frontend, Lumen as API and Magento as Backend.

Why Laravel as Frontend? Last time i build an ecommerce using SPA. SPA breaks the SEO. I need to use page cacher to solve it. So, i want to implement the idea i found from Redmart. Now even better, Laravel Echo can be used to add chatting feature!

Why Magento? Because i not yet trust Woocommerce. Magento product/promotion/newsletter/inventory/checkout/cart/customer/invoice... and lot more they already cover on the plate.

This idea is proven since i done develop an ecommerce using SlimFramework as API, Angular/Twig as Frontend.

Why Re-invent?:
1) Cartalyst offer good ecommerce solution but the payment is subscription basis. RM to Dollar so sad for Malaysian.
2) Atleast, magento extensions like 'advanced catalog/cart price rule' and 'credit reward points' only one-time purchase even per project :P

What do you think?
Stupid idea or Just Fine?

Thank for any opinions and comments.

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