Insomnia alternative to Postman for API Development Collaboration

Recently, for i got 1 project sort of only one person got the whole latest API REST List which is in Postman. Postman REST List sharing for the free account is using export/import manually way.

So, for next project. I start thinking to have something to  collaborate API REST test and dev better.

Payment is needed for Postman to collaborate API REST dev freedomly (unlimited user).

I tested this app Insomnia allow us collaborate freedomly without login with the Insomnia account and without any payment. What we have to do is configure few things:

1) In my case, i use Bitbucket. So, create a repo just to keep the API REST

2) Create a Personal App Password.

3) In the Insomnia App, connect the repo.

Then we can start collaborate with FREEdom.

Enjoy, ;)


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