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Reuse AngularJs Controller

  • this example cannot be used for singleton implementation.
  • this example for the idea HOW TO REUSE CONTROLLER
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    Laravel Voyager Nested Resources

    Voyager is the Laravel missing admin panel. Voyager version 0.10.13 by default not provide nested resources. So these what i found to achieve that.
    Issue 1 - Routing & ViewI want to create a bread for the books and the pages.

    /admin/books - works by default
    /admin/book-pages - works by default
    /admin/books/{book_id}/book-pages/create - how?
    /admin/books/{book_id}/book-pages/{book_page_id}/edit - how? here the guide:
    Issue 2 - Controller Level dataTypeContent Filter$dataTypeContent in views/vendor/voyager/{slug}/browse.blade.php my book-pages resource under books resources. books/{book}/book-pages I have no idea how to filter the dataTypeContent by the book.
    here the guide: