Deploy PHP App using GCP Cloud Build

Create a GCP Project

Setup Deploy

Migrate Deployment To Container Registry


Most likely we need to use custom runtime.

If you renamed your 'app.yaml', may be you need to duplicate it to 'app.yaml' because it require to have 'app.yaml' at this stage.

Then, run this command,
`gcloud beta app gen-config --custom`

This command will do work on the 'app.yaml'

It will generate Dockerfile and update app.yaml

Setup Build Trigger

  1. Cloud Build > Enable Service > add Trigger
  2. create cloudbuild.yaml

Enable App Engine Admin API

  1. go to Marketplace
  2. find 'Google App Engine Admin API', enable it

Upgrade Service Account Role

  1. find service account with role 'Cloud Build Service Account'
  2. add role 'App Engine Admin'


Make a commit to the repo branch and push. That's all!


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