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Separation of Layout and Logic in Flutter

Hello everyone! As a Flutter developer, you may have faced challenges when it comes to separating layout and logic in your code. Mixing the two can lead to various issues, including difficulty in maintaining your code and potential bugs. To address this, there are popular packages like Bloc, Redux, and GetX that you can use. However, using external packages can sometimes create dependency issues and make upgrading your code more challenging. That's why I recommend starting with a simple practice to make your code more SOLID. One approach you can try is to define discrete button handlers for each UI event. This way, you can separate your logic from your layout, making your code more modular and easier to maintain. For example, instead of putting all your logic inside the onPressed function of a button widget, you can create a separate function that handles that logic and call it from the onPressed function. Even better, separating your logic into a separate file, commonly known as a

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