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Dart FormBuilder Dotted-Style Map To Nested Map

I currently working on a Flutter mobile app project. The project use dynamic & nested field form. Form Builder is simple. Every field is rely on the name. So, i use dotted-style name. With that can transform them to proper Dart Map payload for the Http request. Situation Example: Field for 1st cart item with details and just the 1st detail quantity. So like; Field Name: cart.0.details.0.quantity Value: 1 Field Name: cart.0.details.1.quantity Value: 2 Form Builder will return value {     "cart.0.details.0.quantity": 1,     "cart.0.details.1.quantity": 2 } Problem When to make request. We want Nested Map instead. Example: {       "cart': [          {               "details": [                    { "quantity": 1 },                 { "quantity": 2 }                ]             }      ] } Solution

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