Free Cloud Server From Google Cloud Platform

According to Google from their Google Cloud Platform Always Free page. Google will ask you to activate your account billing. The account billing require you to put your credit card. So basically, to experience these 'always free' stuffs. You need to have at least 1 credit card. Then, we can have a small shared cloud server with specifications as follows;

Free Cloud Server Specifications Given;

  • Regions: Oregon: us-west1, Iowa: us-central1, South Carolina: us-east1
  • Machine Type: e2-micro: 1 shared core and 1GB RAM
  • Storage30 GB-months HDD
  • Bandwith: 1 GB network egress from North America to all region destinations (excluding China and Australia) per month

This cloud server very small and good enough to play around with your application. When running server, you have to choose the server operating system.

For me, my development/testing project mostly using PHP. So, here i gonna share some of the tutorial that i use to configure the cloud server.

Server Softwares & Configurations;

Webmin; (Optional, Not Recomended, Doable)






Command lines;


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