Adding custom form in your Wordpress based website.

I not gonna write long article this time. In short, i want share free option to craete one or more forms in Wordpress based website. I suggest use Wordpress Plugin called Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7

This plugin is really free. It help us generate form. You can choose many type of input. You will be provided code snippet to be placed in any page in the web once you done design your form.

What Happen

Where the data stored once you submitted the form? 
The form inputs directly submitted to you via email.

Where can i get the data? 
From the email you receive.

Can i export the data?
No except only copy paste from the email you receive.

Solution. Install also this plugin called Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7. This plugin at least provide you place to see the form submission inputs and also give functionality to export those data in CSV format.

Look and feel

This plugin only provide very minimal and very little touch on the form look and feel. So, your form might not look good. If you think 'Material Design' style can suite you and your website template.

Also can install this plugin called Material Design for Contact Form 7. This plugin will apply the Material Design to your form.


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